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Fennec Foxes  (by Aspex Design: Photos by Dean Thorpe)
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Stop calling what’s happening in Ferguson a “riot”.

It is not a riot.

Vancouver losing the Stanley Cup a few years ago was a riot. It was angry, drunken destruction with no purpose. (And as a Canadian, it was a shameful event)

Ferguson is not a riot. It is a protest. It is an uprising. It is a civil rights revolution. The prople of Ferguson may be angry, but they have a reason to be angry, and they are not violent, and they are not hooligans, thugs or looters. They are protesting for their human rights which are currently being denied.

Look at the difference between a riot and a protest. A riot is chaos. A protest has a purpose.

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my kind of glory hole

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i wish i was as cool as this guy
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i wish i was as cool as this guy

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Ferguson: Dozens arrested, reporters detained, assembly rights restricted

this is going on in MISSOURI. wake up, why isn’t EVERYONE upset about this?

Riots in our backyard, war across the ocean, Comcast trying to create a monopoly on internet and cable. Boy, 2014 sure is a great year.

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Ferguson Police conveniently forgot to publicly release this part of the footage.

It shows Michael Brown paying for the pack of cigars he supposedly stole.

The officer who murdered Michael did not know he was a ‘suspect of a robbery’, so the tape of him ‘stealing’ the cigars have no relation to the killing.

But this footage is important because it proves that the police are trying to justify Mike’s murder by slandering his character.

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If you think taking seflies is immature and stupid, just get out okay.

All through my adolescence I fucking hated how I looked and hated people taking my picture and that’s no way to live because then you look back and realize you have no pictures of yourself. 

So if girls today have enough self esteem to take a picture of themselves and post it for their friends, that’s awesome. So much better than them never wanting their picture taken. 

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